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What is a cTrader ID (cTID) and how can I create one?

The cTrader ID (cTID) is a single login that you can create (offerred by cTrader directly) which you can then use to link all of your cTrader accounts with a username and password. The option to create one will be presented upon opening the platform, or by clicking on 'Sign Up' in the top right hand corner of the platform.

When logged in with the cTID, your cTrader account(s) will automatically become linked, and you will also have access to extra features that the cTID provides, such as:

  • Custom watchlists
  • Email alerts
  • Price alerts
  • Workspaces

Note: The cTID is seperate from your FxPro account login details and is something offerred by Spotware directly. You can read more about it here