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How can I reactivate my account?

You can request reactivation via FxPro Direct, by clicking on the arrow next to your account number, and selecting the option to 'reactivate account'. This will send a notification to our backoffice team and please note that if your documents are outdated, we may require updated ones before we can proceed.  

Alternatively we can request this for you .

Live accounts are disabled after 6 months of no activity, however you are able to reactivate them. Unfortunately you are unable to reactivate demo accounts but you may open additional ones via FxPro Direct. 

Note: The live account balance that you see in FxPro Direct prior to reactivation may not be accurate, because the system logs the balance the last time you logged into the trading platform, and not when you logged out. Therefore, the last trades you made when you were last logged in, are not reflected in the balance that you see in FxPro Direct. After the account has been reactivated, you see the accurate balance.